Health & Safety

Commitment to health and safety is an integral part of our organization.

Management is invested in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all employees. In order to achieve and maintain such an environment, the management, supervisors and employees of our company are all committed to reducing the risk of injury in the workplace.

All statutory requirements concerning the health and safety of our workers as outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Regulations for Construction Projects, as well as all safe work policies and procedures outlined in Capital's Health and Safety Program are diligently enforced.


Capital is very proud of our safety record and we have met our goal of one million hours of no-lost-time accidents.

The company's safety record is above industry standard and Capital is a leader in safety awards as outlined below.


  • Yearly Safety Performance Awards from the Ontario Road Builders' Association (ORBA) for ZERO LOST-TIME INJURIES.
  • Outstanding Safety Award from the Conestoga Heavy Construction Association (CHCA) for achieving over 500,000 work hours with no lost-time injuries.
  • Zero Lost-Time Frequency award for over 585,500 hours by the Hamilton Hand Association.
  • Yearly Zero Frequency awards from OHMPA.
  • The top safety award given by CHCA for the Company's outstanding industry safety record.
  • Yearly Certificate of Achievement Awards from the OSSGA for operation of our work sites with zero lost-time injuries.
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