Larry & DonnaCapital Paving's impressive reputation and strong presence in the Ontario aggregate industry brought the Minister of Natural Resources, Donna Cansfield, to tour our grounds on June 6, 2008. Minister Cansfield was eager to have a first-hand look at an award-winning aggregate operation with a strong environmental focus. The Ministry of Natural Resources recommended Capital's pits as ideal examples of the rehabilitation and revitalization that can be performed in order to maintain the integrity of the environment while still fully utilizing an aggregate operation.

"I am so impressed with what this company is doing. The rehabilitation work that has taken place has been done flawlessly and everything is running top-notch. Everyone at Capital should be very proud."

Capital Paving is committed to preserving and enhancing the environment through a variety of initiatives. We are dedicated to the rehabilitation and revitalization of lands, the recycling of resources, and we are proud to demonstrate environmental awareness in all aspects of our work.

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