Portfolio Category: Asphalt

Contract 2014-2017 Resurfacing and grading on Hwy 5 east of Hwy 8 to Hwy 6  and Hwy 6 from north of Maddaugh road to south of Concession 11 East. This project consisted of milling various depths throughout the areas to be resurfaced and replaced with one lift of SP 19 and one lift of SP 12.5...
  • Partial Depth Asphalt Removal
  • Full Depth Asphalt Removal
  • 3,000 tonne of HL 8, 13,000 tonne of HL 3 on various streets, parking lots, and bike paths throughout the City of Guelph
Keys to success on this project were through the selecting the right companies that were very experienced in thier scope of work and open...
Surface paving of various locations throughout the County of Brant. Capital Supplied top quality HL 3 mix totalling approx. 20,000 tonne meeting or exceeding the County specifications Streets paved:  Maple Ave. South, Jerseyville Rd., Scenic Drive...
  • 222,314 m2 of partial depth asphalt removal
  • Full depth removal of asphalt, including earth excavation, placing of Granular and 2 lifts of asphalt in a time restricted lane closure
  • 900 mm diameter culvert replacement across 5 lanes of Highway 6
  • 35,000 tonnes of S.P 19
  • 24,180 tonnes of S.P 12.5
  • 22,492 tonnes of Granular...