Bonaire Highlands/Strathlea Subdivision

Project Details

Project Overview

New installation of Sanitary, Watermain and Storm works on Beatty Line, Sideroad 18 and Strathlea subdivision including services.  Site Dewatering by well point method was required for all the underground works including a box culvert on Sideroad 18.  Reconstruction of the Sideroad 18 included gabion walls, electrical conduit, ditches, slopes, sidewalks, curbs, asphalt resurfacing, restoration and landscaping.

As a Manager on the project we were responsible for overseeing the allocation of dewatering requirement for underground works and that all provisions for installation, designated outlets, controls for maintaining quality and discharge limits in accordance within MOE regulations.   Also scheduling and delegation of resources to complete all work within timelines, contract specifications and Centre Wellington requirements.

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